Everything that is living EATS!  Plants, animals, humans, aliens, monsters, sea creatures, they all eat in one form or another.

For the Chew on This! anthology we are looking for food-related stories, but we need you to dig deeper and get creative when it comes to the substances that keep us alive. Food should be integral to the story in some way, but not the entire focus. The plots can revolve around a wide range of cultures and belief systems, science and superstition, settings in the future or past. Above all we want stories that are macabre, scary, unsettling, and even gross. There's room for every subgenre of horror from quiet and unsettling physiological tales to extreme and bizarro. Well written, imaginative, frightening, and unique perspectives that make readers afraid to visit restaurants, try cuisine in a foreign lands, attempt new cooking recipes, etc.


Food Allergies:


  • Cannibal stories- Sure they’re good enough to eat but not for this anthology.

  • No zombies, werewolves, vampires, or other well-tread tropes. If it’s off the dollar menu we won’t be ordering.

  • Pizza stories. We love a good pie but don’t want past anthology leftovers.

  • Predator and prey without any substance. Reasoning is the seasoning!

  • Fan fiction. Give us a fresh recipe!



  • Subject: Chew on this: Story Title by Author Name

  • Length: 3k - 7K

  • Deadline: June 30th 2019 - Submissions Closed.

  • Multiple Submissions: No

  • Simultaneous Submissions: No

  • Reprints: No

  • Format: Doc or Docx

  • Payment: 3 cents per word 

Chef: Robert Essig

Final Menu: The first batch of responses will be send in the first week of Oct. We will post regular updates throughout the next few weeks at Blood Bound Books on Facebook .

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