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Dark fantasy and horror combine in this epic narrative of war, betrayal, love, and spirituality...

About the Novel

Reeling from betrayal, Alan, Cassilda, LeBarron, and Petruccio must go into hiding; the only place that seems safe is Alar, an underwater kingdom lying at the bottom of Lake Hali.

But all is not well in Alar. Dangers lurk around every corner. And a sorceress now rules the city, one whose powers challenge even those of Carcosa’s princesses, Cassilda and Cali…

Meanwhile, Pe’kar, the great enemy, unleashes his second legion upon Carcosa, intent to finally raze the city to the ground and become undisputed ruler of the black planet.

How can Alan and his fellowship save Carcosa when they can hardly save themselves? The answer lies within…

Listen to Book 1 - Read by Joseph Sale

"A stunning tale. The Claw of Craving displays a master at the height of his craftsmanship, and Sale's imagination ensures that you won't just read this story; you'll experience it. This is one you do not want to miss."

-Brian Bowyer, author of Flesh Rehearsal and Autumn Gothic 

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