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Books for Classrooms


As educators with over a decade of experience in public education, we know how difficult it is to get children engaged with reading. On top of that, the schools with the lowest literacy rates always have the tightest budgets. Administrators and teachers are hard pressed to spend funds on new curriculum when there is still life in the same books they’ve always used. The world is changing though and education has fallen behind for far too long. The classics will always be classics, but if we want to do justice to our country's diverse population than we need more choices in our classrooms. 

Reading fiction is one of the best ways for young adults to strengthen their imagination. And imagination is the key to learning and success in life. So if you're a classroom teacher struggling to get funding to buy your students new and engaging books, we’re here to help.


Each year, we will select four teachers to receive a set of 30 books. We began the program by funding Compadre High School with Stephen King's The Long Walk and the students couldn't have been happier to pick up something besides The Great Gatsby. Not that there's anything wrong with F. Scott Fitzgerald, but a change of pace might be what some of these teens need in order to discover the joy of reading. We’ve even gotten a bunch of them into the original Twilight Zone series and Richard Matheson too.


If you, or someone you know, works at an underfunded school and want to bring age-appropriate fiction books to your students, please fill out the form below. Each quarter we will select one teacher. You may reapply if not chosen the first time.

Please contact us at with questions

Past Recipients:

Compadre High School - Tempe Arizona

Weston High School - Arlington, Washington

Mira Monte High School - Bakersfield, California

Gold River Discovery Center - Golden River, California

Next Application Period 
Oct 1st - Dec. 21st, 2022

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