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Books for Blood 2.0

We are launching our new and improved Books for Blood program on August 27th at Compadre High School! If you’ve never heard of the program, take a look at this post from February to learn the story. Basically, donors will always have our respect and gratitude, but also we’d love to give them something tangible too. So every time you donate, Blood Bound Books will gift you a free digital copy of one of our titles.

The new program is pretty ,uch the same except it's ALL YEAR LONG!

- Go to the nearest blood donation center

- Snap a selfie or have someone take a pic of you while you’re donating

- Share the picture on Facebook or Instagram and tag Blood Bound Books—this helps spread the word and inspires more people to donate

- Within 48 hrs. we’ll contact you for an email address so we can send you a FREE digital copy of one of our books

- Sometimes we miss getting a notification, so please follow-up with this form if we miss you or if you have trouble tagging us

- The program now runs ALL YEAR LONG—you may donate up to four times in a calendar year for a free book

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