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Fur Matted with Blood and Semen!

How’s that for a tagline?

Editor Ken MacGregor pitched the Burnt Fur anthology concept to us during our Demon Investors 'prank'--more on that opportunity here.

When the submission call went out, we were a bit worried that this might end up being a Furry-dominated book and limited in its appeal. However, our authors did not let us down, and we couldn’t be happier with how this project has evolved into something much more than just Furries and conventions.

Each story below will bring you face to face with animalistic horror.


(no particular order)

The Willingness of Prey - Paul Allih

A Concubine for the Hive - Rue K. Poe

Salivation - Theodore Deadrat

The Hamford Pigs - N. Rose

Randall Rabbit - Elliot Arthur Cross

The Molt of a Diminishing Light - Michelle F Goddard

The Moon in Her Eyes - Sarah Hans

'Ware the Deep - Stephanie Park

Mallard's Maze - Joseph Sale

Oh, Piggy, My, Piggy - Matt Scott

The Victims - James L. Steele

Six Dicks - Rachel Weist

The Others - CM Saunders

Five Nights with Teddy - Jonathan W. Thurston

We are pleased to be working with all these authors for the very first time! Although we may add a name or two before publication, for now, please help us welcome these amazing authors.

The fur will burn in February 2020

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