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I Was There - 3rd Place Winner Gross-Out Contest 2021

"I Was There"

Jay Wilburn

Performed Live at Virtual KillerCon 2021 - 3rd Place Winner

I was there when Brian Keene got his second vaccine shot, and it did not go the way the government would have you believe.

First of all, he lost his shit. Literally. Like a fecal canon, he blasted down the walls of his observation pod and drenched the innocent patients and staff. I don’t know what the hell he ate, but I saw something akin to lettuce or coleslaw in there. Definitely, gas station sushi, burritos, and Funyuns. It’s hard to tell if that stuff is digested or not when it’s running soupy-brown down the walls of a church and the faces of Quakers.

Then, his muscles swelled like boils. Ropey veins separated and rolled under his skin, knotted off and turned purple black. He broke his restraints. Funny thing, the staff didn’t put restraints on him, Keene just brought his own.

He broke through the ceiling of the fellowship hall as he stood. Unlike the 1970s Incredible Hulk, Keene’s purple shorts did not stay on. His cock mutated to gargantuan proportions. And it wasn’t porn cock either! It was all twisted, gnarled, covered in a spiral of hairy blisters running up the shaft—grey hair.

Thorns erupted from the corna—not the virus – I’m talking about the ridge around the head of Brian Keene’s cock. The spikes curled down and in, like the penis of a cat for gripping after penetration. That fucking thing snaked through the aisles looking for trouble.

Keene ripped away the rest of the building as he continued to grow. Both his eyeballs burst in their sockets from the pressure. Yellow ichor oozed and then hardened on his cheeks like eye mucus. Kiaju Keene delicately peeled away the crust but took a couple bloody layers of eye meat with it. Then, black conical warts bloomed in the mash of his sockets. He scratched at those digging watery furrows into his eyes.

It just made him angrier. He swung the spikey head of his dick like a morning star flail and swept away police cars. Then, he stormed out of the parking lot to terrorize the Pennsylvania countryside as he usually does most Saturdays.

That’s when I saw his ass. Flat, wrinkled, pimpled, jutting bones. Stephen Kozeniewski told me that’s how it always looks, but I didn’t believe him.

Like Moses before me in the cleft of the rock, I looked upon the ass of a God. It was glorious. And my face would shine with its light for days.

All glory to the divine ass of Kaiju Keene. Forever and ever!

Amen and AMEN!


Jay Wilburn will be featured in Welcome to the Club Vol. II later this year and in Blood Bank in 2022. Discover more stories from Jay on his Amazon page and the following links:

Twitch channel for live writing:

Enjoy some splattery goodness with some Jay Wilburn exclusives on godless:

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