There is an algorithm for fame, but beware its terms and conditions…


While searching for a missing YouTuber, private investigator Spencer Hardy walks into a standoff between an armed man and a young woman.


Within seconds,  Spencer is forced to kill the man, but the damsel in distress in anything but…


Her name is Cassie Diaz and she wastes no time lighting the corpse on fire, explaining that if they leave any evidence, they'll be dead before sunset.


As they flee, Cassie weaves a fantastic tale of online celebrities, virtual reality, and a black-market conspiracy with ties to high levels of government officials. 


Spencer isn't sure if he's been led astray by a mentally ill woman or if an evil agency is nipping at his heels, and there's only twenty-four hours left for him to unravel the truth and solve the case.


Perception is reality in this dark sci-fi thriller from S.C. Mendes and Nikki Noir.

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***This eBook edition also includes the novelette Corpsepaint & Rabbithole by Nikki Noir and six chapter of The City by S.C. Mendes***


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Algorithm of the Gods