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This bundle includes physical copies of bool 1-3 in the Lost Carcosa series:

- The Claw of Craving

-The City of Corpses 

-The Dreams of Demhe


Discover the horror-fantasy series that reimagines the King in Yellow!


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“Lovecraftian and Barker-esque... stunning truly.” 

- Steve Stred, Splatterpunk Award Nominated Author of Mastodon and The Stranger


Praise for Joseph Sale's other series

“What we have here is a totally original concept, a writer who is doing something new, a writer who has been forged in the flames like the One Ring.” 

-Ross Jeffery, Bram Stoker Award Nominated author of Juniper and Only The Stains Remain

“Dark, cerebral, and genre-bending.” -Brian Fatah Steele, author of Hungry Rain and Violation Hive

“The world-building is great, Joseph’s voice is hypnotic, and the character perspectives and backstories are wonderful.” - Austrian Spencer, author of The Sadeiest


Carcosa Bundle

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