There is a thin line between pain and pleasure…


Come and explore that gray area in-between with the horrifying kinks and deadly taboos of Steamy Screams!


Twenty-one stories bringing you to the brink of lust only to slam you down with a dose of horror. 

From hetero to same sex, single to paired, and multiple-partnered scenarios, it’s 50 Shades for horror fans!




The scariest part is that you may walk away with a new fetish!

“If horrorsmut is your thing, this one’s worth a look.” -Christine Morgan, Author of Spermjackers from Hell


“ …Lurid, sleazy, sexy, thought provoking things — buy this book!” – Goodreads Review

“Avery good anthology, able to elicit frissons of a dual nature, good for fans of either erotic or horror fiction (or both). ” - Mario Guslandi, Hellnotes


“ I especially liked J.D. Stone’s vampire-themed Queen of the Night, the tale of a transgender stripper who gets to know a regular customer all too well. Night‘s GLBTQ protagonists, ultraviolence, and lush writing recall 90’s-era Poppy Z. Brite. ." - Matthew Politi of HorrorNews

Steamy Screams