Join the Order!


For the release of The Order of Eternal Sleep, sequel to The City, I wanted to do something special and interactive for all the readers who have supported me.

What better for Gore Noir fans than solving a puzzle?


Every purchase of this pre-order comes with a signed copy of The City, original cover, and Rock 'N' Roll is Dead, anthology featuring the first apperance of Max Ellitiot. These two paperbacks will be sent out at purchasing along with two clues to the puzzle.  


The clues are two printed pages of the first draft of the The Order of Eternal Sleep--signed--and access to a Facebook group with other readers (who have other pages of the manuscript). Together, you can "solve"--piece together--the manuscript mystery** and enjoy the first 40 pages prior to the public release on Dec. 18th.


Good Luck!

-S.C. Mendes


Include a message/or email with the name you want the book personalized for.

FREE Shipping on orders placed in the U.S.

Please contact for international shipping rates.


**I will also email your two pages as Word documents, so it's easier to work online with the group**



Your $50 purchase includes the following:


- 1st Edition signed copy of The City - original "Chhinnamasta" cover


1st Edition signed copy of Rock & Roll is Dead - anthology featuring the first apperance of Max Elliot, back when the pen name was Rex McGuire


- 1st edition signed copy of The Order of Eternal Sleep - when it releases on Dec. 18th


- TWO(2) signed pages of the first draft of The Order of Eternal Sleep - digital copies will also be included to make solving the "puzzle" easier


Admission to the Facebook group where all 20 readers will work together to reconstruct the first 40 pages of the mansucript--"solve the puzzle."




The Order of Eternal Sleep - Puzzle Package Pre-order