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John McGuiggan

JohnMRedline@gmail.com is reading for Rural Exploration Red Line submissions - listed below

The Splatter Club is dedicated to spotlighting new and seasoned authors.


Splatterpunk, extreme horror, and bizarro fiction are terms that carry many interpretations for different individuals. For some, it’s torture porn and vile fantasies. For others, it’s creative concepts and well-developed characters wrapped up in a subversive message. We’re open to giving everyone a chance, so when in doubt, send it our way.

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● 500 – 7K words

● Stories must be previously unpublished in any medium 

● Terms: One-year exclusive digital rights

● Pay: $25 plus free ad space

● Reprints Accepted ($10 Flat Rate)

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● Annual Publication

● 500 - 5K words

● Non-themed (still extreme, bizaro, etc, of course)

● Stories must be previously unpublished in any medium 

● Terms: One-year exclusive digital & print rights

● Pay: 1 cent per word

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Began as an imprint of Blood Bound Books, but has shifted to The Splatter Club. Read the full story here

● 10K – 30K words

● Stories must be previously unpublished in any medium 

● Terms: three-year exclusive digital rights

● 30% Royalties

Formatting and Submitting

● Please alert us if it is a simultaneous submission

● Each author may submit up to two stories - seperate Google forms

● Open Year-round unless otherwise noted

● Response time: 3 months

● Times New Roman, 12 pt. font double spaced 

● Must be .doc or .docx file – saved as “Title_Author Last Name”

There are three ways you can publish with us:

Queries for submission status over three months should be sent to spagnola.bloodboundbooks@gmail.com

Guest Readers for Q4


Matt Sprague works primarily in game design. He is an active member of the Denver Horror Collective and edits the sporadic underground zine What Evil Lurks. Most recently, he has been assisting with the production of a non-horror card game called A Universal Truth coming this Christmas from Danger Toad Games. 


A writer first, Wondra is also an avid gamer, photographer, cinephile, and blogger. To learn more about her horror interests, check out her author page here


Alex Marroquin is an horror author and editor who is working hard to bring back the sleazy and gory goodness long lost since the1980s. His debut novella Savages for Revenge is available from Hellbound Books.

Visit his author page here 


Meera Dandekar loves to explore the fictional worlds that show the magical realm of being. She’s studying mechanical engineering but has a definite admiration for the written word. She loves blood and gore as much as she loves reading books. She also produces hardstyle music.



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