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Kids from 1 to 92, grab your favorite colors and lunch box. It's time for a Cemetery Picnic!

World famous tattoo artist and illustrator Shaun Kama presents his first coloring book.  Appropriate for all ages, Cemetery Picnic contains 30 pieces of haunting line art waiting to come alive with your imagination. 

As an artist, Shaun Kama was inspired by Bernie Wrightson, Edward Gorey, Ralph Steadman, Boris Vallejo , Frank Frazetta , Tim Burton, EC comics, Puss Head, Tom Savini, Rick Baker, Rod Bottin & Lon Chaney. 

This coloring book was slated to launch at Texas Frightmare Weekend 2020, but we've moved it up! Stay home and color with Shaun Kama and Blood Bound Books 

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Meet the Artist












Available on Amazon & our Webstore

Thirty-five pages of the most hardcore and important scenes from the novel BODY ART, just waiting for you to grab your favorite colors and bring them to life.

Featuring renowned pulp horror artist CorlenScope 


400 Days of Oppression

Signed Limited Edition Hardcover

Only $19.99


This is Wrath James White's most controversial novel!


Natasha has met the man of her dreams, and there is nothing she wouldn't do to please him. Kenyatta has taught Natasha about herself, given her a sense of safety she has never felt before, and shown her a whole new world of sexual experiences.

Now she must learn the hardest part of love: understanding. To help Natasha overcome her white-trash upbringing and understand African heritage, Kenyatta offers her a wager. A very real and dangerous wager, but one worth taking. Can Natasha's love endure... 400 Days of Oppression?


Get ready to push the limits of race, love, and sexuality


Signed Limited Edition Hardcover


Only $29.99


"Transgressive and hard-edged"

- Jeff VanderMeer, Nebula award winning author of the Southern Reach trilogy

"Flabbergasting Black Metal New Weird"

- Edward Morris, author of the Blackguard series

"Death, violence, and inappropriate sex"

- Neil Williamson, author of The Moon King

For eons, the ancient and powerful Meta-Warriors have betrayed, despoiled, and slain each other in a relentless pursuit of total mutual destruction. Who they are, what they are, what purposes they serve—none can tell. As they exact their dismal retributions against one another, with whatever skulduggery proves necessary for achieving those ends, they do not care to wonder why.

Except for one. 

And he will kill all who stand in the way of him discovering who—and what—he is. Or die trying. 

They call him BleakWarrior. 

Descend into a world of dark metaphysics, ultra-violence, senseless mayhem, and transgressive sex with a simultaneously brutal and brilliant fantasy novel unlike any other. 

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