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As an educator, I know how difficult it can be to engage children with reading. The classics will always have their place in the classroom, but many students are tired of reading the same books their grandparents did. It’s difficult for districts to justify investing in new books when there is still life in the old curriculum, and often, the schools with the lowest literacy rates also have the tightest budgets.

Screams for Teens is here to help. Each year, we will select four teachers to receive a classroom set of 30–40 books each. We are excited to partner with author Aron Beauregard, who is generously matching this number, so eight teachers across the U.S. will receive a set of age-appropriate dark fiction books for their classroom.

Teachers: Fill out the application below with the grade level, the book of your choice, and a brief overview of lesson plans or concepts you will teach with the anchor text.

Age-appropriate dark fiction includes anything from Goosebumps to Neil Gaiman. In my senior English classes, we’ve analyzed The Long Walk, several Twilight Zone texts, and I Am Legend. Our last recipient selected Clive Barker’s The Thief of Always. Your dedication and imagination are the limit.

To help our program expand and reach more classrooms, please consider donating any amount. On average, every $10 collected can purchase a new paperback for a classroom.


Marc Ciccarone/S.C. Mendes


2023 Recipients:

Wilmington Middle School STEAM Magnet - Wilmington, CA

Paul Laurence Dunbar High School - Lexington, KT

Warrenton High School - Warrenton, OR

River Valley High School - Yuba City, CA

Charles City High School - Charles City, IA

University High School  - Ferndale, MI 

Evan Baughfman - Torrance, CA

Compadre High School - Tempe Arizona

Weston High School - Arlington, Washington

Mira Monte High School - Bakersfield, California

Gold River Discovery Center - Golden River, California

Past Recipients:

**Currently Closed**

tecaher application

 Please consider donating to support our mission when we re-open

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