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Things are about to get WEIRD


Praise for Rennie's BLEAKWARRIOR universe:

"Transgressive and hard-edged" 

- Jeff VanderMeer, Nebula award winning author of the Southern Reach trilogy

"Death, violence, and inappropriate sex" 

- Neil Williamson, author of The Moon King

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From Alistair Rennie, author of BleakWarrior and overseer of Ruptured World, comes a collection like no other...

Fantastical Meta-Warriors who defy the rules of linear existence; telepathic shape-shifting lifeforms from another planet; interdimensional time-travelling assassins; and eldritch gods as you’ve never seen them before. Experience all this and more in a masterful new collection of dark fiction that can only be described as HARDWEIRD.

Featuring BleakWarrior Enters the Pith of Shadows—the sequel novella to the acclaimed novel—and other weird tales of cosmic disorder, HARDWEIRD will take you to new heights of horror, wonder, weirdness, and beyond.


Alistair Rennie has published weird fantasy and horror fiction, essays and poetry in The New Weird anthology, Weird Tales magazine, Fabulous Whitby, Electric Velocipede, Mythic Delirium, Pevnost, Schlock Magazine, Horror Without Victims, Weird Fiction Review and Shadowed Realms.

He was born and grew up in the North of Scotland, has lived for ten years in Italy, and now lives in Edinburgh in the South of Scotland. He holds a first class Honours Degree in Literature from the University of Aberdeen and a PhD in Literature from the University of Edinburgh. He is a time-served Painter and Decorator and a veteran climber of numerous hills and mountains in the Western Highlands, the Cairngorms and the Italian Dolomites.


He is also the creator of the dark arcane music project, RUPTURED WORLD, who released their first album on the dark ambient music label Cryo Chamber in 2018.

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