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Thor Cole, ex-bouncer turned private eye and self-proclaimed guardian of Pittsburgh’s South Side neighborhood, is looking for a bartender.

Not that there’s any shortage of them in this part of town, but he’s looking for the one that’s gone missing after stowing $15K in his girlfriend’s ceiling. Yeah, the case is a big step up from tracking down public urination scofflaws, but the $10K reward the bartender’s girlfriend is offering is enough to make Thor’s brakeless car stop again and replace his flip phone.

As Thor's missing person's case becomes entwined with maniacs in Mustangs and nefarious plots to destroy his favorite dives, this P.I. will need more than a Foreman grill to defend himself and the beloved seedy underbelly he calls home.

Crack a beer. Crank the tunes. And buckle up for an adventure in slacker noir!



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Praise for Leitner

"Lucy Leitner is the go-to voice in satirical, thought-provoking horror fiction." 

“Almost in the vein of George Romero or Douglas Adams, Leitner has a voice for delivering deeply compassionate character moments that mesh with the satirical—almost bordering on parody—elements of the story.”

Michael Benavidez, author of When Angels Fail

" Lucy Leitner deserves much more acclaim. Everything I’ve read from her is extremely well-written, deftly handled, vivid, compelling, creepy where it needs to be, and just (bleep)ing GOOD.” 

Christine Morgan, Author of Lakehouse Infernal 

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