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Witness the Dawn of a Black Sun...

On January 31st, the plans of the Mara will be revealed and no one on the surface is safe from The Order of Eternal Sleep.

About the Novel

Three years after Max Elliot goes missing, an anonymous tip brings Detectives McCloud and O’Neil to a residential arson on the outskirts of Chinatown.


The majority of the house survived, but the six bodies inside were reduced to gnarled heaps of blackened limbs.


A hidden door to the basement reveals a strange ritual space. Sealing the room, is the image of a serpent and obelisk, reminiscent of Ming’s scarred palm. On the black altar, they find an unidentifiable language and symbols that lead to more questions. Dark magick. Suppressed news reports. Dirty cops. 

Besides the nightmares inspired by the crime, something  else from the hidden basement is following them.  Infecting them. Providing a glimpse to the mental anguish coming to consume us all.


Meanwhile, a secret order is poised to complete their greatest ritual yet. The Rites of Eternal Sleep will usher in the long night. And when the Black Sun rises, the surface will never be the same.

Under the influence of dark forces, McCloud will need all the help he can get to unravel the many veils of The Order before time runs out.


Discover the true plans of the Mara today!

Listen to Prologue Excerpt

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Praise for The City

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Callaborations with Nikki Noir can be found on On Godless and Amazon

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