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Fear Street on Acid!



Enter the world of new adult splatterpunk with eight tales of erotic horror, bizarre mysteries, and dark humor.

Petite Mort: A Collection of Sex & Death

Meet Molly Massacre and her horror-themed OnlyFans account. Fall into the pit when Kelly discovers the fast-food restaurant she works at is built on a set of ley lines. Take a disgusting much bang challenge, learn the twisted truth of positivity gurus, and much more.

This horror is modern. Graphic. And not for the squeamish.


Petite Mort originally launched as a digital-only series for Godless. After these collaborations found success, readers clamored for paperbacks. Unfortunately, 14K-word novellas aren’t very cost-effective for readers or publishers, and all are out of print. 

After two years of working together though, Mendes and Noir have enough stories to make a paperback viable. All their collaborations are remastered, enhanced, and together in one book, for the first time in print.


Each story, regardless of credit upon publication, is a unique blend of our styles. Some stories and scenes were predominantly Nikki’s. Other S.C.’s.


Praise for Nikki & S.C.

"Nikki Noir's Cucumbers and Comforters manages to titillate, horrify, and make you laugh out loud in equal measure."

Joseph Sale,
author of Virtues End

"The City by S. C. Mendes is an engrossing, taboo delight of a novel that will suck you in to the underground depths of depravity, freedom and forbidden fruit and knowledge it has to offer."

Mike Duke,
author of Low

"Nikki Noir has an exceptional talent for blending supernatural elements with splatterpunk sensibilities".

Nikolas P. Robinson,
author of Daemonica

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