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Signed by editor Marc Ciccarone


A Gathering of Dark Talent. A Ritual in Blood.


Blood Bound Books is a small press making a big impact. To celebrate its third year in existence, twenty-three authors were invited to pen this dark tome. Its pages are filled will their offerings of magic, madness, lust, and despair. All we need is your voice to bring the spells to life. Join our ritual…


Step into Muddle House with John McNee, then cry with Jeff StrandK. Trap Jones exposes the beauty of death, while Lisa Morton demonstrates the power of orthography and Daniel O’Connor examines the horrifying future of technology. Each master has crafted their story to enhance your journey through various aspects of the darkness.


The full list of occultists includes: Brian Lumley, Angela Bodine, Monique Bos, Nathan Crowder, Christopher Hawkins, Brad C. Hodson, Ed Kurtz, Douglas J. Lane, Adrian Ludens



Blood Rites: An Invitation to Horror

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