This Director's Cut includes:


- Never-Before-Seen Epilogue

- Introduction from John McNee

- Short Story "The Devouring"


The First Edition is Out Of Print, however we have a limited supply of copies left here


Art comes in many forms…


As an undertaker, the human body is Harold’s canvas.


For Rutger and Kandy, famous porn stars from the 80s, flesh is also their preferred medium of art.


When Harold’s ex-lovers start arriving in body bags, the undertaker believes he’s receiving a message to create a new masterpiece.


Rutger and Kandi are also on a mission. Their new task will be to film the most shocking porno imaginable.


Toby and Jessica are just recent high school graduates looking for some fun, but their cabin vacation has landed them in the wrong place at the wrong time.


All the while, a mysterious red dust surrounds these unique individuals, drawing their worlds together in bizarre and horrifying ways.


Yes, art is dangerous, and Body Art is the most deadly of all… Get your copy today!



Body Art: Director's Cut