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This paperback is signed by editor S.C. Mendes and includes 2 of 12 Hoop Trading cards


The Devil Knows Your Name. Learn his.


Earth has become a playground for the "Big Man Downstairs" to shell out punishment to the most disgusting and vile scumbags of our society. A racist cop, a murderous Karen, and a psychotic rapist are just three of the “touched by malevolence" targets on the devil’s personal damnation list.


Call Me Hoop is a totally unique form of horror narrative where eight different authors bring you twelve entwined stores that will change everything you know about heaven… and hell! 

Always one step ahead of you, when Sonny Hooper asks you to call him Hoop, the trap is already set. Be prepared to pay for your sins.


Also available on Kindle and from all major book stores

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Featuring Fiction From:

Drew Stepek

Lucy Leitner

Lucas Milliron

John Shupeck, Jr.

Lewis Kelly

Peter Caffrey

Dani Brown

Ryan Harding



Call Me Hoop: Season 1

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