We build new technology—artificial limbs, neural interfaces, artificially intelligent sex dolls—and what do we get?


Glitches. Malfunctions. Corruption.


Crash Code is an anthology of cyberpunk horror, exploring 27 stories where human life depends on every single line of code running perfectly.


A virtual reality game that refuses to be shut off. A time travel drug that drives its users mad. New tech that lets you look like anyone—even your neighbors. End-of-life care that lets its users live their best days on loop and much more.


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We are excited to see the return of several Blood Bound Books authors for this project as well as a great mix of new writers: Kristopher Triana - "The Deepest Fake" - Dean H. Wild - "God Finger" - K. Trap Jones - Respawn Inc - Aaron Thomas Milstead - "A Silent Auction" - Daniel I. Russell – "Mechanism" - T. Fox Dunham - "The Children’s Crusade" - Sean Eads & Josh Viola - "Eunuch's Code" - KJ Moore - "The Blue Schnooklybob" - Luciano Marano - "The Fate You Are" - Alex Franco - "Mr. Companion" - Nathan Batchelor - "Recursion by Nashville Moonlight" - Eric Lewis - "Cold Calculations" - Odin Oxthorn - "The Weight of the Lotus" - David Shultz - "Nervana" - Christopher Wilson - "Grinder" - John Pedersen - "Control Vipectus" - Matt Thompson - "Purity" - Damascus Mincemeyer - "Time Share" - Patrick Meegan - "A Leg Up" - Melanie Rees - "Attrition of the Soul" - Rachel Nussbaum - "Bleed Over" - Addison Smith - "Hard Memory" - Hannah Trusty - "Auto" - Morgan Chalfant - "Little Neon" - Sebastian Hetman - "First to Fight" - Neil Hudson - "One Survivor"

Crash Code -Sci-fi Horror Anthology