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Signed by editor S.C. Mendes


The birth of evil…


In 2017, Splatterpunk masters Bentley Little, John Skipp Jack Ketchum and Edward Lee united in an extreme horror masterpiece, resulting in our largest and best-selling anthology to date.

However, the origin story of Blood Bound Books’ extreme reputation began here...


With cover art inspired by a 90's Slayer T-shirt and brought to life by the Maggotmeister Andrej Bartolovic, D.O.A. is twenty-eight stories of offensive, repulsive, and disturbing content.


Like an underground mix tape from your favorite death metal bands, D.O.A. is raw and gritty, and the beginning of something epic.


WARNING: This anthology contains 28 stories of violence, sexual depravity, self-degradation, and other dark subjects taken to an extreme you've never read before. If consumed, please consult a mortician.




SKU: 284215376135191
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