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Box set of 3 Anthologies


Crash Code

Chew on This!

Burnt Fur


On April 1st, 2018 we announced the "Demon Investors" project. It was an opportunity to pitch an anthology concept to the Demon Investors team. If you were able to sell us on your idea, we were willing to fund your project, and you get to be the editor for the anthology.


The opportunity was no joke and we published three pitches: Crash Code from Kevin Holton, Burnt Fur from Ken MacGregor, and Chew on This from Robert Essig.


Crash Code - Read Reviews and Full Lineup on Amazon

We build new technology—artificial limbs, neural interfaces, artificially intelligent sex dolls—and what do we get? 




Crash Code is an anthology of cyberpunk horror, exploring 27 stories where human life depends on every single line of code running perfectly. 

A virtual reality game that refuses to be shut off. A time travel drug that drives its users mad. New tech that lets you look like anyone—even your neighbors. End-of-life care that lets its users live their best days on loop and much more


Chew on This! - Read Reviews and Full Lineup on Amazon

Chew on This! has everything you need to satiate your appetite for the strange and macabre. 

Tonight’s menu is a fifteen-course meal of subtle and atmospheric tales all the way down to the grisly, blood-drenched extremes.

Creepy restaurants, treacherous take-out, forbidden feasts, and more!

We’ve got horror so good you can taste it!

Dig in!


Burnt Fur - Read Reviews and Full Lineup on Amazon


Sit. Roll over. Who’s a Good Boy?

There are no good boys in this anthology, only twisted, deviant, and burnt encounters with pets, people in costume, animals who behave like humans, and creatures who blur the line between the three. Violent pigs, killer ducks, horny bees, a naughty rabbit, and many more fill these pages with tale after tail of hair-raising horror.

Don your Fursuit, slip into your Fursona, and ride the dark wave of horror that is Burnt Fur. You may never go back to wearing your normal skin again.

Demon Investors Box Set

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