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This bundle from Drew Stepek, the creator of Godless, includes:


- Knuckle Supper

-Kuckle Balled

-Call Me Hoop - Season 1


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Praise for the original ANTI-Twilight series:


"Combining the slick Hollywood decadence of a Bret Easton Ellis novel and the drug-addled realism of Irvine Welsh's Trainspotting, author Drew Stepek gleefully takes the piss out of the staid troupes of the genre by injecting LA's seedy underbelly with heroin-addicted vampires.” -Rue Morgue


"Even though there are various types of exploitation involved in the lives/backgrounds of almost all the players in this blood fest, Stepek is masterful in enabling the reader to actually feel sorrow and empathy for a few of the characters (not only RJ and Bait) and to see the human in the monsters and the monster in the humans.”-Fangoria Magazine


"The novel covers religious fanaticism, abortion, child prostitution, gang violence, drug addiction, and then wraps it in a loving layer of chocolate by letting vampires take responsibility for these things. And when you've finished the book, you'll end up feeling guilty, because the pen is a pistol, and it sure as hell wasn't aimed at vampires."


"The book's breakneck pace, gruesome violence, and punk noir prose should endear it to genre fans, but it's RJ and Bait's desperate lunge toward salvation that make Knuckle Supper such a memorable experience." -Famous Monsters Underground


“It’s a drug-fueled, modern-day vampire saga that reads like a bloodsucking sequel to 1979‘s The Warriors written by James Ellroy. And fans of hardcore horror fiction take blissful note: Stepek’s wicked prose can cut awfully deep." -Bloody Disgusting

Drew Stepek Bundle

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