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This Bundle includes:

- A signed paperback of Petite Mort

- Uncensored bookmark

- 1 Hoop Trading card (chosen at random)


Fear Street on Acid...and Viagra!

Petite Mort features eight tales of new adults battling society, the supernatural, and themselves!

Meet Molly Massacre and her horror-themed OnlyFans account. Fall into the pit when Kelly discovers the fast-food restaurant she works at is built on a set of ley lines. Take a disgusting muckbang challenge, learn the twisted truth of positivity gurus, and much more.

These contemporary stories are for those who enjoy their horror erotic, bizarre, and full of dark humor.

After finding digital-only success on Godless, these stories have been remastered, enhanced, and brought together for the first time in print.


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Grinder - short
Santa’s Package - novella
Into the Pit - short
HorrorGasm - novella
#DeadSealChallenge – short
Magick Brew – short
The Sack Cutter – short
Cucumbers and Comforters – novella

It's New Adult Horror meets Splatterpunk!


"Nikki Noir and S.C. Mendes are a match made in hell!” - NIKOLAS P. ROBINSON, author of Innocence Ends

“Equal parts Elmore Leonard, Chuck Palaniuk, and Gillian Flynn, Nikki Noir definitely lives up to her name.” - John Palisano, Bram Stoker Award-winning author


"Mendes knows how to weave a mystery" - Joseph Sale, author of Dark Hilarity


"Nikki Noir is a sultry new voice in erotic horror, one you should watch as closely as a black widow in your bedsheets" - Kristopher Triana, Splatterpunk-Award winning author of Toxic Love

Petite Mort

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