There is a civilization hidden deep beneath our own; a place spoken of only in whispers.


Chinatown, 1910. The bodies were discovered six months after Max Elliot turned in his badge. All that remained of the victims were piles of flayed skin and organs. The bones of each body had been stolen. This torturous method of execution had only been seen once before by the San Francisco PD, and that case was never closed.


Confident of a connection between that unsolved case and these new grisly murders, the police turn to the one man they believe can help. With the allure of closure to his own personal tragedy, Max Elliot agrees to reinstatement for one last case. However, the clues lead the unstable detective down a path he never could have imagined. A mysterious drug, a world beneath our own, sex and violence on an unprecedented level, and creatures as ancient as sin itself.


Follow Max as he looks for answers in The City. But remember, all knowledge comes at a price.



The City

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