What’s your weirdest fantasy?


Whatever it is, it can’t be more bizarre than Mike Ashbrook’s


With his life in the dumps, Mike takes a job as a crime-scene cleaner. 


His biggest problem now, besides wiping up blood, guts, and other nastiness, is his new co-worker, Sage. She’s young, beautiful, and the only other employee who doesn’t quit after a week. She may also be totally insane. 


Sage is not just an enigma—she’s toxic.


And now Mike’s fantasies are too!


Toxic Love is a darkly comedic and erotic nightmare from the master of blood-soaked horror, Kristopher Triana. Throughout this tale of perversion, gore, and gangsters, Triana pens powerful characters who will move you just as deeply as they’ll repulse you. 


Curious? You know what they say: 

No Guts, No Glory Hole!


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Toxic Love