In biblical times, entities were explained as angelic and demonic. A few hundred
years ago, they were considered to be ghosts and poltergeists. Now, we call them aliens...

About the Novelette

Amber wants a lot more than just kissing Santa Claus under the mistletoe.

Unfortunately, the twenty-two-year-old can’t find a man willing to indulge her Santaphilia fetish.

After another frustrating attempt at role-playing with her college professor, Amber decides it’s time to give up. That night, however, she as an erotic dream featuring the jolly old elf. It’s everything she wishes she could experience in real life. She wakes happy, but as the days turn into months, Amber realizes she’s pregnant.

Embarrassed and assuming it’s Professor Hostler’s, Amber finally asks her roommate’s advice on what to do.

There’s one huge problem though. Her roommate doesn’t believe she’s pregnant. In fact, nobody else sees her growing belly or feels the baby’s kicks. Even pregnancy tests and ultrasounds come back negative. But how can Amber not believe her own senses?

Angry and scared, she’s bounced from medical doctors to psychiatrists and even an Ufologist trying to understand what’s happening to her body. As Christmas morning approaches, Amber will discover the horrifying truth of what Santa left her.

Get ready to unwrap the most bizarre Christmas gift of all: Santa’s Package! 

Praise for Nikki & Mendes

"Nikki Noir's Cucumbers and Comforters manages to titillate, horrify, and make you laugh out loud in equal measure."

Joseph Sale,
author of Virtues End

"The City by S. C. Mendes is an engrossing, taboo delight of a novel that will suck you in to the underground depths of depravity, freedom and forbidden fruit and knowledge it has to offer."

Mike Duke,
author of Low

"Nikki Noir has an exceptional talent for blending supernatural elements with splatterpunk sensibilities".

Nikolas P. Robinson,
author of Daemonica