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Last year, we donated over $2,000 in new books to classrooms across the country. This was a combined effort between Blood Bound Books, Aron Beauregard, and a few generous supporters.










We are proud of the success and had hoped to expand it further in 2024. However, the world is changing quicker than ever before, and it’s increasingly difficult to help teachers and students in public schools.


Teachers are bound by rigid curriculum and often can’t accept books outside of those parameters. Another obstacle has been that if a teacher accepts the donation, the school won’t allow Blood Bound Books to use their name or provide us pictures because of legal agreements on media use. While we understand the issue, sadly, the reality of not sharing pictures and names of those we’re helping leads people to worry that donations are not actually being used appropriately. It’s also an obstacle to promoting the program; all we have are receipts for purchasing the new books and those are not very exciting to share on social media.


For 2024, Screams for Teens will step away from being a nationwide program and instead will focus on Arizona, where the company is located. This plan will include schools where we can build a personal relationship with the principal and teachers; where we can become a presence in the community, and possibly the curriculum.


As you probably know, we have a strong connection to Read Better Be Better; the Blood Bank Anthology is still sending them money every quarter. $800 was donated to RBBB in 2023, and I hope we can beat that in 2024.

2023 Recipients:

Wilmington Middle School STEAM Magnet - Wilmington, CA

Paul Laurence Dunbar High School - Lexington, KT

Warrenton High School - Warrenton, OR

River Valley High School - Yuba City, CA

Charles City High School - Charles City, IA

University High School  - Ferndale, MI 

Evan Baughfman - Torrance, CA

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If you are as enthusiastic about childhood literacy as we are, please consider supporting us in this change of focus to our home state. I know we can accomplish more good here than by spreading our resources thin.


Here's how you can help:

  • Leave a review on any Blood Bound Books' title (the more our authors are talked about, the more money will flow in for charity work)

  • Donate any amount and we’ll use the money to stock AZ classrooms


No $ for the above:


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