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The artist who invited you to a Cemetery Picnic, has an all-new kreepy adventure to enjoy!

Spooky Treats is 32 new pieces of line art waiting for you to bring them to life. The coloring book also features 5 original poems written and illustrated with chalk, charcoal & illustration pen by Shaun Kama.
Appropriate for kids and adults alike.

Included in the book is a QR code giving you access to exclusive online content.

What Amazon customers are saying:

"Creepy without being too gory or disgusting."  - GMORK

"Hands down best coloring book I have ever purchased." – Travessty

"The incredible artwork is appealing to children and adults alike. I highly recommend this product!!" -Elisa

"Beautiful spooky images to color to your hearts content, my daughter (age 9) and I both love it so much!"

As an artist, Shaun Kama was inspired by Bernie Wrightson, Edward Gorey, Ralph Steadman, Boris Vallejo , Frank Frazetta , Tim Burton, EC comics, Puss Head, Tom Savini, Rick Baker, Rod Bottin & Lon Chaney.

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