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Sinners & Saints Must Be Equally Vigalent


Sinners & Saints Must Be Equally Vigilant

On June 6th 2006, three friends made a pact with a succubus.

The agreement was simple: the demon would be their unseen band leader, projecting its dark and divine inspiration into their fertile minds. Their fingers would dance to the demon’s tune. Their breath would fill with its words. And their music would cast a spell over listeners. In return, the women would fulfill the demon’s need for sexual energy with willing spirit spouses.

Both parties agreed.

The Mothers were christened, and Suck-U-Bus was born.

That’s what the website claimed. But it was just a gimmick to sell tickets. Or so Lisa Hummer thought.

After her brother gets a backstage bus-pass, she isn’t so sure. A strange woman warns them the succubus has marked Danny for more than sex, and it isn’t long before Danny goes missing.

Following the clues, Lisa uncovers a trail of chaos wherever the band plays. She can’t be certain if there is a nefarious plot or if it’s simply a bizarre series of coincidences.  

Is the succubus real or is it all in her head?


Step onto the bus and into this bizarre occult thriller.

Praise for Nikki & S.C.

"Nikki Noir's Cucumbers and Comforters manages to titillate, horrify, and make you laugh out loud in equal measure."

Joseph Sale,
author of Virtues End

"The City by S. C. Mendes is an engrossing, taboo delight of a novel that will suck you in to the underground depths of depravity, freedom and forbidden fruit and knowledge it has to offer."

Mike Duke,
author of Low

"Nikki Noir has an exceptional talent for blending supernatural elements with splatterpunk sensibilities".

Nikolas P. Robinson,
author of Daemonica

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