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The Little Season


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“…and he cast Satan into the bottomless pit, and shut him up, and set a seal on him, so that he should deceive the nations no more till the thousand years were finished. But after these things he must be released for a little while."

- Revelation 20:3

Aren't You Hungry?

Talons is looking for food tasters and Jordan Carter jumped at the chance to join the focus group.

However, the qualifying questions embarrassed him. The first appetizer was a stale piece of bread. And worst of all, Jordan felt sick after the meal.

When Talons offers him double the money for a second tasting, he agrees and shrugs off the illness as a coincidence.


After the second meal, though, he’s convinced something is wrong. Daily nightmares and concerning voices culminate in Jordan vomiting blood. Doctors can find nothing physically wrong with him, and medical tests determine the blood isn’t even his.

Feeling scared and alone, Jordan dives into a rabbit hole of conspiracy theories to unravel Talon's ancient secret.

Part splatterpunk mystery. Part occult thriller. This bizarre novel is based on the The Guild, published in 2022. If you who enjoyed that short novelette, The Little Season will satisfy your hunger after the initial appetizer.

This limited edition paperback comes with interior art, cooking apron, and The Diner trading card while supplies last. This cooking bundle is only available on and at signing appearances.


Cooking Bundle

The Little Season Cooking Bundle includes:

- Signed paperback (Limited to 613)

- Cooking Apron (limited 100)

- The Dinner Trading Card (Limited to 100)


Order Now - Arrives anywhere in U.S. by June 4th

A month BEFORE Kindle releases.

Praise for Other Works

"Holy cow. I honestly didn’t know what I was getting myself into with this one. These stories were totally bonkers! They definitely kept me interested, on-edge, and curious."  

- Katherine Gisleson on Petite Mort, Amazon Review


"This collection was wacky, it was weird, it was entertaining and even a little bit emotional." - Stephanie C. on Petite Mort, Netgalley


"There are a lot of really great moments of mystery and suspense in Suck-U-Bus— not to mention the unhinged plot twist at the end of the novel. I overall really enjoyed this novel and S.C. Mendes’ work. I cannot wait to read other works from this author."

- Kylee on Suck-U-Bus, Amazon Review

“A slick story that combines gumshoe noir and extreme horror.” - 

"The City by S. C. Mendes is an engrossing, taboo delight of a novel that will suck you in to the underground depths of depravity, freedom and forbidden fruit and knowledge it has to offer."

Mike Duke,
author of Low

"Mendes' novels are darkly gleaming puzzle-boxes that, once solved, reveal their awesome horrors."

Joseph Sale, author of Dark Hilarity

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