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Explore a world of hyperintensive horror without limits!

The Splatter Club began as online book club and is now a home for authors and readers who love to share bizarre and extreme content in movies and literature.

Join us!

About the Anthology

With your initiation to the club complete, it’s time to pass to the next degree of Splatterpunk!

Volume II continues the tradition of bizarre, extreme, and subversive stories from leaders in the genre.
Mutant gators, occult sex ceremonies, aliens, Eskimos, and more are waiting to infect your mind. The anthology also includes the winning story from the 2021 KIllerCon Gross-Out Contest and a brutal haiku from Ryan Dyer of Metal Sucks.

Explore a world of hyperintensive horror without limits!

Stories from:  Lucas Milliron  -  Lucy Leitner - Rachel Nussbaum  - Jay Wilburn  -  Bob Macumber - Daniel J. Volpe - Arlo Gorevin  -  Nikki Noir   -  S.C. Mendes  -  Matt Weber  -  Montague White  - Patrick Winters  - Zoltán Komor  - Thomas KS Wake

Listen to Author Excerpts

MethGatorLucas Milliron
00:00 / 05:38
Genital GorgonzolaThe Professor
00:00 / 01:15
The Sack CutterMendes
00:00 / 04:26

Praise for Volume I


Editor K. Trap Jones is a 3-time Splatterpunk Award-nominated author/editor. His novel The Sinner won the 2010 Royal Palm Literary Award.

"There's a new generation of horror writers bursting onto the scene, and Jones is one of the leaders of the pack."

- EDWARD LEE, author of City Infernal, Header, and The Bighead

Petite Mort Gift Card_edited.jpg

Callaborations with Nikki Noir can be found on On Godless and Amazon

Listen to S.C. on Horror Business:

A podcast dedicated to helping authors make a career on their writing 


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