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The social networks yanked the third video of the incident real quick. That was the one that showed his head shattered, pieces of his skull littering the road like they were windshield glass....

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Call Me Hoop Anthology

The Devil already knows your name.
Now learn his.

The complete first season of Call Me Hoop is now available!

It features "The Diner" by Drew Stepek, the previously unpublished finale.


Order before Jan. 1st and save over 10% !

 Earth has become a playground for the "Big Man Downstairs" to shell out punishment to the most disgusting and vile scumbags of our society.


A racist cop, a murderous Karen, and a psychotic rapist are just three of the “touched by malevolence" targets on the devil’s personal damnation list.
Call Me Hoop is a unique form of horror narrative featuring eight different authors and one brutal story.



Drew Stepek
Lucy Leitner
Lucas Milliron
John Shupeck, Jr.
Lewis Kelly
Peter Caffrey
Dani Brown
Ryan Harding


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