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Without the bottomless pockets of big publishing houses, independent authors rely on word of mouth and honest reviews from true fans. Blood Bound Books has a great Street Team and reviewers helping us spread the word, but this year we have the ability to add a few more dedicated horror readers.

ARC Members Must...


Live in United States

Have an Amazon Account

At least 20 book reviews--horror genre--on either Amazon or Goodreads


Current ARCs

Fear Street on Acid!

Petite Mort is a new adult horror collection of splatterpunk proportions.

Haunted fast-food restaurants. Love spells gone wrong. Muckbang videos and OnlyFans accounts. Cryptids and aliens. This horror is modern. Graphic. And not for the squeamish.

Eight Tales of sexy horror. Bizarre Mysteries. And dark humor. Remastered and together for the first time in print:


Santa's Package

Into the Pit



Magick Brew

The Sack Cutter 

Cucumbers & Comforters

— Petite Mort, A Collection of Sex & Death, Nikki Noir & S.C. Mendes

Release Date: Oct. 31st


Valerie just arrived at Doctor’s hidden utopia for what was supposed to be a weekend of wellness.


Fresh fruits straight from the farm. Screaming hula hoop yoga and dynamic meditation to expel toxins. The optimization of energy needed to return home and set new records at the gym, her personal life, and career. Valerie just arrived at Doctor’s hidden utopia for what was supposed to be a weekend of wellness

A chance to meet Doctor, the naturopathic yogi who cured thousands through his patented Prescription and the healing powers of drinking blood.

But it turns out the blood-drinking wellness craze that swept the coasts isn’t too popular in rural Pennsylvania.

— Bad Vibrations, Lucy Leitner

Release Date: October 18th

How it Works:


Enter your info below and we'll send you a digital copy of the book to review

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Post your review on Amazon (as a verified purchase) or Goodreads within 1 week of the book's release, and send us a link to the review at


Include your mailing address along with the review link and we'll mail you a paperback copy of the book.

Recap: Leave an honest review within one week of the book's release, get a paperback, and be added to our Street Team for future releases. 

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