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A Mindhunter is a Terrible Thing to Waste

Updated: Jul 4, 2020

I used to try and make these streaming series last. I would take my time, watch an episode a day, and really just soak them in. But social media has all but ruined that, with people jumping on something and showing off how they watched an entire series in one sitting. “I spent all day on it!” Bragging that they’d finished first. Blah. It gets tiresome. And then come the spoilers. Most people don’t mean to do it. Sometimes they’ll let something slip in a comment or in passing conversations. It’s inevitable. So nowadays, I try and watch shows as quickly as I can, which means in a few days, if I’m lucky. And while there is a certain thrill to the headlong rush through a storyline, I do feel like I’m missing some things by not taking the time to slow down and reflect. Such is our culture today.