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Curse of the Death Swatch - FREE Fiction

Updated: Mar 7, 2021


This is a short story from The Splatter Club, meaning it will be graphic.

Consume at your own risk.

Forty-two seconds.

Forty-two seconds until Jeff buckled, emoted, and collapsed. Julie looked deep into his eyes, smiled wide, and laughed.

“You fucking freak!” she howled. “You were barely even inside me!”

Jeff felt himself shrink back. The wet blanket of shame wrapped tight around him and squeezed out all of his self-esteem. Even though he was thirty-eight years old, it was his first time. He’d never even been naked with a woman. How could Julie be so insensitive? How could she laugh? But she did. She laughed and laughed and laughed.

Jeff rolled off the bed with Julie’s laughter following him all the way to the kitchen, all the way to the utility drawer where the rusted Jjinsusu knives were stored. Then, Jeff followed the laughs down the hall, back to the bedroom. He followed them into the dark and across the sheets to a place where Jeff turned those soft giggles into harrowing screams. Julie was never going to laugh again, not at him or anyone else ever again. Jeff made sure of it. He made sure of it one-hundred and sixty-seven times.

When he was spent, when there was no more screaming or crying from Julie or from himself, and the tears on his cheeks had all dried up, Jeff looked at Julie in the pale light. Moonbeams reflecting off a shiny object on her wrist caught his attention. It was the unisex Swatch watch Jeff had given her for their three-month anniversary, on the night he’d told Julie he wanted to give himself to her, wholly and completely. Jeff remembered buying the watch in the arts district from a street vendor he’d never seen before. She was selling what she termed “Pop Culture Artifacts”. Something about the watch had immediately drawn Jeff to it. Something mysterious that he didn't really understood. A quiet part of him had even felt resentful for giving it to Julie, but he’d told himself to let it go, and the feeling had eventually subsided. Now, seeing it there in the dim moonlight, he felt the watch beckoning to him.

Jeff took the watch off Julie’s dead wrist and placed it on his own. Specks of wet red dotted the glass face. Jeff read the time. It was just after eleven. From the front of the house, the sound of the garage door opening rang out. Julie’s roommate was home. Oh shit…

Jeff sat still on the blood-soaked sheets and waited. The housemate’s footsteps lighted down the hallway, growing closer until she stood in the doorway, a dark silhouette back-lit by the faint hall light. She tipped her head to peek around Jeff, who sat on a corner of the bed, partially blocking the view of Julie’s mutilated corpse.

“Hey, Marla,” Jeff said, his voice calm and even. “I just killed Julie.”

Marla saw the knife standing straight up, protruding out of Julie’s left breast, and her eyes grew wide with fear.

“I know she was your best friend and everything, but she laughed at me and hurt me really, really bad. I did my best and she laughed and called me a terrible name.” Jeff glanced back at the corpse in the pool of blood on the bed. “But maybe I did overreact.”

Marla’s chest rose and fell. Her hands shook, then rage ignited behind her tear-stained eyes. She stomped across the room, threw her hands around Jeff’s neck, and squeezed tight. He sputtered and coughed. The woman’s face turned red with rage and effort. She muttered under her breath until her words grew, mutated, took shape, and became a horrid shriek bursting with agony and hate. She leaned in close and screamed in Jeff’s face while she dug her fingers deeper into his neck…

Then, she kissed him. With force that threatened to break skin, Marla pressed her lips onto Jeff’s mouth and drove her tongue deep inside.

Marla strangled and kissed Jeff until his eyeballs bulged and his face took on a dark hue. Just as she felt him stop struggling against her, she pulled away and shoved him back. Jeff fell into the crimson pool that had collected on the bed, gasping for air. Marla leaped onto him. A mixture of confusion, fear, and arousal swept through Jeff and he felt himself stiffen. The tide of passion rose when he felt Marla’s hands on his raging hard cock. Then her clothes were coming off in a flurry. Shirt, shoes, socks, pants, and panties flew across the room.

Cupping her hands, Marla reached into the pool of blood on the bed. She poured the blood into her mouth until the blood flowed down her chin and cheeks and onto her massive, heaving breasts. She scooped up more blood and fed it to Jeff. He drank and tasted destiny. A strange new power pulsed through him, originating from a warm spot on his wrist—the Swatch.

Marla splashed blood onto Jeff’s dick and slathered her pussy with the crimson sacrament. She climbed onto Jeff and drew him up into her holy place. She thrust down, pounding her hips, riding him hard and fast. Jeff’s breath slipped away as he tried to keep up. With her left hand, Marla reached down and grabbed Jeff’s wrist. Intently, she wound her fingers tight around the Swatch watch. With her right hand, she pulled the rusty old Jjinsusu knife out of her murdered best friend’s breast.

Marla cried out in a language that Jeff had never heard, screaming louder and more fervently with every word. She gazed into Jeff’s wide eyes. Spittle flew from her mouth as she screeched the unknown words. With grief soaked passion, she reared back and plunged the knife into her neck.

Marla’s grip tightened. The Swatch glowed bright orange, emanating a fierce heat, searing Jeff’s skin, and fusing it to his flesh. A tortured wail leapt from Jeff’s gaping mouth. Marla’s body twitched. She bore down and rode Jeff’s cock still faster. The Swatch burned and glowed. Jeff screamed louder. Crimson gore spewed from Marla onto Jeff’s arms, face, and chest. She pulled out the knife and plunged it back into her neck, matching the movement of her hips with those of the blade. Jeff felt the surge building inside him; he was going to come. His climax rose to unbearable heights. He roared and erupted inside his former lover’s friend.

Sweet rapture overtook Marla. Orgasm engulfed her as she worked the knife and Jeff’s cock in tandem, in and out and in and out. She stabbed and bled and fucked and came.

Marla’s head jerked back. Blood shot up to the ceiling while the final ecstasy ripped through her senses. Seconds later, she convulsed and fell onto Jeff’s chest. He stroked Marla’s hair. His hard dick flinched inside her. He lay still in the blood and, for the first time in his life, he felt like a real man.


Jeff stood at the foot of the bed, staring at the butchered bodies of Julie and Marla. The moonlight streamed in through the windows and washed over their quiet, still limbs. They look so perfect, Jeff thought. He felt his attraction for them grow. He felt his dick grow too. His right hand found its way onto his blood covered shaft and began moving up and down in a rhythm of mindless compulsion.

Feeling pure lust for the two dead women, Jeff hammered his rod and a warm light from the Swatch lit up the room. As he stared at their breasts, at the blood that covered their pale skin, he felt his moment approaching.

“Not yet,” Jeff said, stroking harder. Sensations of the most brilliant light coursed through him. Every nerve was shot through with pleasure. Jeff’s legs trembled beneath the weight of ecstasy. “Yes, now!”

On command, a colossal load exploded out of Jeff. He waved his pink flesh hose back and forth, spewing over the dead bodies before him. His eyes rolled back. He felt his bare feet leave the ground as he levitated in front of the bed. The last lone drop of jizz flew and landed on Julie’s forehead. Jeff felt the heat from the glowing Swatch on his left wrist. He looked down into the white hot light.

“Burn them as an offering unto me.”

Oh fuck, the Swatch was talking!

Without further instruction, Jeff turned the Swatch’s light on the disfigured remains of his first lover and her best friend. The blinding light ignited the strings of seminal fluid. A brilliant blaze blossomed in front of Jeff. The bed became a funeral pyre. When the flames drew close to him and their warmth begged his skin to be engulfed and swallowed whole, Jeff left the bedroom-turned-incinerator. Wearing only the Swatch on his wrist, Jeff walked out of the house and disappeared into the night.


Tuesday night was slow at the Lush Wash Arcade-bar and Laundromat, but Jeff still managed to find a lonely woman to play his favorite old-school game, Video Killer, with. Near the end of the twelfth round, Jeff sensed her admiring his Swatch.

“Do you like it?” he asked.

“Yes, I do,” the woman replied, her eyes fixed on the watch, drool seeping from the corners of her mouth.

“Do you want to be close to it?” Jeff said.

“Yes,” she said. “Are your whites almost finished drying?”

Jeff turned away from the arcade game and gazed into the woman’s eyes. “Forget the whites…let’s go.”

“I know a place,” she said. “I’ll take you there if you’ll let me touch it.”

“Of course,” he replied. “And when you touch it, you’ll believe.”

The lonely woman graced her fingertips across Jeff’s cheek. Her eyes sparkled. “I already believe.”


Shards of broken glass dug into the woman’s knees as Jeff pounded her from behind. The smell of rancid meat and dirty diapers rose from the dumpster that hid them from public view. A lone streetlight poured its beams down from high above the entwined bodies, encircling them in a small orb of light.

“Do you like it here?” The woman asked through strained breaths and sighs.