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Devil's Night by Curtis M. Lawson (Review)

Updated: Dec 3, 2022

“My father told me that back in Iraq the anger and the hate seeped into everything. He used to say it was something in the soil - something that infected the wisest man down to the lowliest vermin. He came here to escape all that, but I think this city is the same.”

Welcome to Devil’s Night in the Hell that is Detroit, Michigan. A collection of urban horror stories that will rot you to your core. This book is vivid. It’s beautifully put together, tediously taken care of in design, and horrifyingly chaotic. This is one of those books I will be keeping on my shelf because the presentation is just so hellishly impressive and because it’ll feel like I have a piece of Motor City eternally burning within the pages on my bookshelf.

As I said, this book is vivid. Horrific. Gory. My one personal negative is that the gore has no rhyme nor reason besides giving you nightmares, but that was clearly the intention. To scare this hell out of you. So it’s not really a negative at all. What I like is that the stories all intertwine, not in a codependent manner but in a way that encapsulates you in the realm of Detroit on this day, referencing characters and events from other stories in the new to make it all truly one universe of destruction.

My Top 3 Stories:

"D20" - Two kids play D&D. Their characters come to life in the most fantastical way as their real lives crumble in around them.

"A Night of Art and Excess" - A woman receives an invitation to an upscale soiree. On her list of requests upon arrival: Murder.

"The Work of the Devil" - A girl sees the Devil. And it destroys her life. But was it really the work of the Devil? Or the work of something much darker?

I’d also like to note that if you do decide to pick up this book, beware that there are sensitive topics regarding domestic and sexual violence that may be triggering for some.


Mona Kabbani is a horror fan, book reviewer, and writer obsessed with psychology and the human condition. She emulates the conflict of the good versus the bad and all the inbetween in her work while providing an entertainingly horrifying experience.

You can follow her adventures on Instagram and check out her debut novel THE BELL CHIME !

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