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Horror Haiku

In August, we ran a haiku contest with Absolute Underground Magazine!

The winning poem will be featured in Welcome to the Club Vol. II, a yearly anthology from The Splatter Club, but you can read the runners up as well as some of our favorite submissions below.

A big thanks to everyone who participated and Demonika Challand for her help!

Lloyd Davis currently writes from Canada's west coast. Island life allows him many swimming opportunities, which he only takes when the bottom is clearly visible. Stay tuned for more horrific works! Follow him via @lloydzdavis

Lindsay Martland - I was born and currently live in Calgary, Alberta. Writing is a hobby of mine, when I'm not painting or tattooing at my shop @smilinbuddhatattoos. Obviously I love horror movies and novels but I am also a big naturalist and enjoy hiking, gardening and birdwatching. I live with a small herd of sphynx cats and hairless guinea pigs - my house is basically a library/collection of curiousities and a retirement home for bald animals.

Spring Ross

Victoria, BC

Writer of short scary stories

Jenny DeYaeger is an avid Halloween enthusiast, horror reader and horror film aficionado. She is a member of The Old Cemeteries Society of Victoria and can usually be found enjoying the beautiful graveyards of Vancouver Island.

IG handle: jennywarriorprincess

Brianne Sommerville writes news releases and speeches by day, poetry and fiction by night. Brianne studied English Literature and Theatre at Queen’s University before entering the world of public relations. She lives in Toronto with her partner and two littles under four.

Instagram: @briannesomm

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