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Siki's Story - FREE Fiction

Updated: Mar 3, 2021


This is a short story from The Splatter Club, meaning it will be graphic.

Consume at your own risk.

A new job, a new start...

As a magazine journalist, I had cast myself as virtually unemployable. Nobody reads magazines now adays. I’d spent half my life carving out a niche in an industry that didn’t exist anymore. One by one, my options dwindled, until there was only one left. A writing instructor teaching college students in Guangzhou, southern China. I’d done a stint in Hunan Province, so it wasn’t too much of a leap. Those that can’t do teach, right?

With my qualifications and experience, landing the job was the easy part. Then I had to endure a solid five months of tedious paperwork courtesy of the Chinese government before I could be granted a work permit. I won’t bore you with the details. Suffice to say, I almost gave up on the idea several times. However, come the beginning of March, all my papers were in order and I was ready to make the trip.

It was fucking brutal. By this point, after nearly a year on the scrapheap, I was almost flat broke and had to settle for a budget-priced three-legged journey taking in London, Paris, and Wuhan before finally reaching my destination, Guangzhou. Predictably, the first of my scheduled flights was delayed by four hours which had a knock-on effect meaning the trip in its entirety took almost thirty-two hours. That’s a long time to be inside metal tubes in the sky and hanging around airport departure lounges. By the time I arrived, I was a complete wreck.

I was met at Guangzhou Baiyun airport by a guy named Ken from the college’s Foreign Language Department. He was someone I’d emailed and video-called several times during the long, drawn-out recruitment process. Ken wasn’t his real name, of course. Knowing that foreigners probably wouldn’t be able to pronounce their real names, Chinese people often assume ‘English’ names to make communication marginally easier.

Ken was a tall, whip-thin, man with glasses and greasy, slicked-back hair. He spoke in halting, heavily-accented English, and when he smiled, he sneered. Call it paranoia, call it intuition, but I’ve learned that there are some people in this world who you bond with immediately, and there are some you don’t. He fell into the latter category. I just got bad vibes. There was something dark and unsettling lurking beneath his calm, cheerful demeanor.

Exhausted, I settled in the back seat of Ken’s car hoping to grab some sleep. He wasn’t having that. He had a million questions. He asked me about my family, where I was from, my work history, my past relationships, and all the time sneering at me in the rear view mirror, which he had re-positioned so he could see me as he drove. I fended off as many questions as I could, and even closed my eyes at one point to try to feign sleep. And then Ken said something that got my attention.

“By the way, no relationships with students. Not allowed.”

“Of course,” I replied, with a little too much venom. The thought had never even crossed my mind. “Why would you even say that?” I glared at him via the rear-view mirror.

For a moment he glared back, his eyes cold and emotionless. Something imperceptible seemed to pass between us. Then, his lower face broke into one of his trademark sneers. “Nothing. No reason. It’s just...”

“Just what?”

“Something happened before.”

“Something like what?”

“Doesn’t matter,” Ken replied, finality in his tone suggesting the conversation was over. And it was, as we both settled into an awkward silence for the rest of the journey.

When we arrived at the college campus, I was horrified to learn that Ken’s apartment was just down the hall from mine. Wonderful. My teaching schedule was lax, only sixteen hours a week, and I planned on devoting the bulk of my downtime to working on the novel I’d always wanted to write but never had the opportunity. The last thing I wanted was some creepy dude constantly knocking on my door wanting to be ‘friends.’

The campus was in Zeng Cheng district, about an hour’s drive away from downtown Guangzhou. It was quite remote, but that suited me fine and the place itself was beautiful; full of weeping willows, ornate sculptures and Koi carp ponds straddled by decorative bridges. It had a few streets of shops and restaurants so there was no real need to ever leave, except to go exploring. A mountain range lay to the south, and to the north a river ran alongside the campus, now brown and bloated with the seasonal rains.

I settled into the teaching well. I formed decent rapport with my students, and it felt good to be doing something constructive. Let’s face it, being in a classroom and having twenty-plus impressionable freshmen hanging on my every word was the closest I would ever come to being a rock star. As the tail-end of winter morphed into spring, more rains came. There was a constant barrage of thunderstorms and torrential downpours, all of which made for a somewhat dark, oppressive and threatening atmosphere. The air was humid, and most of my possessions constantly wet.

I began to feel the itch. A yearning for human companionship. My neighbor Ken would periodically invite me out for dinner. I went once, but the experience only confirmed my initial thoughts. He was weird as fuck. Not least because he seemed fixated with my love life, which was an on-going train wreck, and wanted to know things like how to satisfy a Western woman and what they liked in bed. His conversation topics sounded all kinds of alarm bells and I quickly moved to distance myself from him as best I could. The next few times he invited me for dinner I told him I was busy, and he eventually got the message and stopped asking.

There were a few other foreign teachers on the campus; an Australian guy in his sixties who had been there for several years, a recently-divorced Canadian woman, and the obligatory young, brash American guy who spent most of his time in the gym. None of us had much in common, so we didn’t socialize often. Besides, I had a longing for companionship of the opposite sex.

I discovered an app called Tantan. It’s kind of an Asian Tinder. In the first two days I ‘matched’ with five people. Three of them were catfish who either wanted me to download another app to my phone so we could ‘get to know each other more,’ or just asked me to send them money directly. They called it a ‘loyalty’ fee, meaning that if I was serious about them, I wouldn’t mind parting with a few dollars to prove it. Fucked if I was falling for that. I was foreign, not stupid.

Number four was a homosexual guy posing as a girl in order to solicit intimate photos of straight guys. I had him twigged the moment he asked me to send him a photo of my junk after just a few minutes of talking. There are exceptions, but the vast majority of Chinese women are never so forward.

Number Five was the only ‘real’ female I encountered. She went by the name Siki, and was into some pretty obscure and extreme Scandinavian metal. It wasn’t my thing, but I am all about exploring new territories and that often extends to musical genres. She was twenty-one years old, a junior student. Only after a few days did it occur to me to ask her which college she studied at. Perhaps it shouldn’t have been, but it was a shock to discover that she was a student at the same college where I worked.


Ken’s words immediately echoed in my mind.

No relationships with students.

But... this wasn’t a relationship, was it? It was just a bit of fun. We were just talking. And though she studied at the same place, she wasn’t technically my student. It was a gray area, but my conscience was clear.

I couldn’t deny I found Siki insanely attractive. There was just something about her, some dark, intense desirability that I had never felt to that degree before. Maybe it was the danger, the idea of breaking taboos. Predictably, our talks soon turned sexual. It transpired that her kinks were just as extreme as her musical tastes. She was into some bizarre stuff: bondage, rape, and incest scenarios, water sports, and she displayed some very obvious masochistic tendencies. She liked to be hurt. ‘It makes me feel something,’ she said.

Her ultimate thrill was stranger sex. She loved going to see guys she met on the internet, fucking them, and then moving on to the next guy. An endless procession of different partners, all equally as meaningful or meaningless. All the same, yet different. It was obviously a dangerous game she was playing. Especially given the kind of violent, no-holds-barred sex she was into. She told me she once had sex with four men in a single day, and let one of them fuck her with a carrot.

I’d been around. But most of this was on a whole new level for me. I guess I’d always had a dark side. Most of us do. But I never fully explored it before. I can’t deny I found it both exhilarating and intoxicating.

Her social media profile was full of videos by bands with names like Cannibal Corpse, Anal Cunt, I’m in a Coffin, and Bizarre Ejaculation, along with disturbing crime scene photos of murders and suicides. I’m no psychologist, but the whole thing reeked of damage. Some psychological trauma that had befallen her at some point and she was still trying to work through. My suspicions were confirmed when she told me how much medication she was taking to treat her depression, manic tendencies, and bi-polar disorder. Some of the meds had side-effects, for which she took more meds, and the sheer amount of chemical compounds she was ingesting on a daily basis had led to acute gastroenteritis and other stomach issues, for which she was prescribed yet more medication. It was a vicious circle.

We talked about ‘her problem,’ a lot. She was nihilistic in the extreme, and made no secret of the fact that she thought her life was meaningless and she wanted to die. She just didn’t want to be here. ‘Don’t you see?’ she would say. ‘People, creatures, we’re all trapped here together, and there is only one way out.’

It was sad. Beyond sad. It was heartbreaking. Siki was on a path to self-destruction, and that path was lonely, dark, and populated largely by demons of her own making. She told me she dreamed of ghosts every night. Faceless ghosts who pulled and tugged at her, trying to make her do their bidding.

Nobody should have to live like that.

I decided that if it was stranger sex she craved, I would give her that. And then, I would try to shine a light into her dark heart. Maybe take her out for meals, go shopping, the cinema. Whatever it took to make her smile and realize that life didn’t have to be so gloomy and miserable. There is beauty all around, perhaps all she needed was someone to show her. Whatever tragedy had befallen her in the past, we could face it and work through it together, with the ultimate aim being to wean her off the meds and live something approaching a normal life. No matter how much they fight it, most people yearn for acceptance and a degree of normality. Perhaps her sexual habits were just her way of seeking attention or validation. I didn’t like her lifestyle one bit, but I understood it.

I was still tossing around the idea of potentially meeting her when one typically humid, rainy Friday afternoon, she sent me a message.

I want to come over and suck your dick right now.


At that moment, everything changed. Something instinctive told me to run. Nothing good could come of this. I thought about Ken’s warning, the contract I’d signed, the possible consequences of getting involved with a student.

And then I thought, ‘fuck it.’ It was just a job. If I got myself fired, I could just find another one, and I was probably going to hell, anyway.