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Books For Blood

Updated: Jan 14, 2020


Be a Hero

I was seventeen the first time I almost died. Without getting into the specifics, an unfortunate series of events landed me in county hospital where I later had my spleen removed, lost two thirds of my blood from internal damage, and was given about thirty percent chance of making it through the operation.

Obviously, since I’m writing this nearly two decades later, the story has a happy ending. However, the outcome would not have been so positive without the generosity of individuals who I will never have the chance to meet or personally thank. While in the hospital, I received two blood transfusions. One while I was conscious and the second while in surgery. And along with the skilled staff and kindness of my family, those blood donations saved my life.

For the past decade, I have made it my mission to encourage giving blood by promoting and organizing events for community members to donate. For years, I ran the blood drive at my school, and although I have now passed that torch to the student council teacher, I will still be attending and cheering on the kids, reminding them how proud I am of them and what heroes they are to someone who will never meet them.

In the horror community, Blood Bound Books supports the cause with our Books for Blood Program and quarterly blood drives. Anytime you donate, post a selfies/pic of you doing so, and we will send you a free e-book of your choice. We don’t always have a copy of our really old titles like Night Terrors or Unspeakable. But 90% of the books on this page are available to you. All you have to do is give the gift of life.

Full details on how to participate are located here. Please share the information and help us keep the spirit of giving alive. The person or people you save will never get to meet you or even thank you, but trust me, you mean the world to them. An e-book doesn’t even come close to expressing the gratitude I feel every day, but it’s our way of saying Thanks for being a Hero!


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