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Finding Cures. Saving Children.

Updated: Sep 26, 2021

That's the mission statement for St. Jude's Children's Research Hospital, and we want to help them accomplish that noble mission.

Of all the anti-heroes we've published over the years, Max Elliot from The City most embodies the kind of guy who would help a child. True, he's a miserable bastard too, but that's okay because redemption is a beautiful thing. So we've enlisted Max to join us on this noble journey to save children. Besides the royalties paid to the editor of the novel, both Bound Bound Books and author S.C. Mendes will donate 100% of their share of ALL profits to St. Jude.

Profits will be donated at the end of EACH calendar year. Since we are making this decision very late in 2019, we've already kick-started the giving by donating $100 and we will follow it up on Jan 1st, 2020 with any remaining profits made in this final quarter.

If you already own The City, buy it for a friend... they'll be a little boy or girl who thanks you.

"No child should die in the dawn of life." - Danny Thomas

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