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It Takes a Beast - FREE FICTION

Updated: May 7, 2023

Scary stories, creepypastas and dark fiction narrated by Spencer Dillehay

It Takes a Beast

D.A. Latham

The moon was high and glowing. Its light shone down on the man as he circled the woman chained to the tree. She pulled against the metal collar around her neck and hissed profanities. He simply smiled, aroused by the sight. She had led him on a grand chase, crashing through the woods, thinking she would escape. The astonishment on her face as he jumped from the tree causing her to stumble and fall was priceless. Adorable really. He chuckled knowing if he dared tell her that she'd not be amused. Indeed, she'd likely use those claws on him, and not in an enjoyable manner. Didn't she know he always got what he wanted. Always.

And he wanted her. He approached, his body humming from the charge her anger gave off. His cock engorged, ready to be buried deep inside her. Closer still and he growled softly, inhaling the scent of her arousal. His eyes devoured every detail of her. Her eyes burned with rage and desire. He licked his lips, anxious to taste her. He stood over her, and trailed his fingers over the bleeding scratch on her cheek. With a feral cry she turned her head and bit. Roaring pain flashed through him, and he grasped her neck with his other hand, pushing her into the tree fast and hard. Her jaws released him as she cried out. He held her whimpering body against the tree. The moon and his ire turned his eyes into blue flames. He licked the blood from her cheek, shuddering with pleasure. Then he lifted her leg and impaled her. Thrusting violently, he claimed his mate. As she cried out in surrender, his teeth found her neck. Blood to bind them. His bite initiated her change. Blunt human teeth elongated into fangs. Her emerald eyes blazed yellow fire and she howled with him. Otherworldly strength allowed her to break the chain and she pushed forward knocking them both to the ground with her landing on top.

Dark leathery wings erupted from her back as she in turn claimed the beast inside. Their coupling was primal. He ran his clawed hands down her back leaving deep gouges that leaked rivers of blood over her buttocks. The red wetness only enhanced his pleasure.

The forest smelled and sounded like a battle ground. Sweat and blood drifted on the breeze. Their roars and growls scattered small animals into hiding. Even predators retreated; they knew when a stronger beast was around.

As their pleasure erupted like a volcano inside them, the female threw her head back and screamed to the moon. Her claws punctured his shoulders where she held on through the maelstrom that brought them together. Taming each other.

Afterward, when his savage roar had faded to an echo. When his blood was drying on her lips. Their wounds healing, they lay on the ground covered in dirt, blood, and sweat, he looked into her eyes and told her, " It takes a beast to tame a beast, my dear."

The End

D.A. Latham is an Army brat, having grown up all over the United States and Germany. When her father retired in 1989, her family moved back to New England. She loves the beach, spending time in her backyard reading and Fall. While she mostly reads horror, she loves books of any genre. Writing has always been a passion of hers and has just recently started to get her works published. She is co-host of the YouTube show, What's In The Box: Episodes of Horror and has been published in several anthologies, including Season of the Witch, Dead Heat , ABCs of Terror as well as having a series of extreme horror shorts she co-authored on Godless.

Scary stories, creepypastas and dark fiction narrated by Spencer Dillehay

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З приводу новин можна багато розмовляти, ця тематика має обширні об'єми, саме тому, я вважаю, що так важливо спілкуватися та обговорювати всі останні події, а також мати якісний новинний портал. Мені дуже сильно пощастило, що я маю в своєму розпорядженні якісний інформаційний портал, котрий надає мені різноманітну інформацію. Завдяки роботі, я зміг відкрити для себе нові сфери діяльності, також дізнатися про цікаві події та явища. Так до прикладу нещодавно читав статтю про свято, і не тільки про це, бо вони мають великий спектр тем. Загалом, завдяки їх роботі, я зміг нарешті більш усвідомленно почати читати новини, а також цікавитися новими тематиками. Всі ці фактори, а також те, що вони є найкращим інформаційним порталом України, дали в результаті мені…

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