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Lovecraftian Horror Metal

Updated: Jul 27, 2019

Bestialord’s “Black Mass Wedding”

This trio hails from Wichita, Kansas, and this is their sophomore album. They consist of members of such stalwart oldie bands as Manilla Road and Sanctus Infernum and while you can hear elements of both in their sound, Bestialord has their own brand of pummeling, swaggering heft that should put a smile on the face of most metal fans.

This is Death/Doom with more emphasis on the Doom. The songs swing with caveman-like glee and the vocals are gargled and rough but still understandable. The riffs are heavy and crunch with plenty of bluesy swagger underpinning them, giving the music a bit of dark soul within its evil tales. This won’t appeal to everyone but if you are a fan of heavy music, I can’t see why you wouldn’t get into this. Slinging stories of horror and Lovecraftian terror, Bestialord wear what they love on their sleeves, obviously inspired by horror literature and movies. Tale after tale of ghoulish lore and apocalyptic dread are spun out, carried and enhanced by the immense riffs and thudding drumming.

There are no gimmicks here, no flashy tricks. These guys deliver pretty much straight up horror metal, the pace always slow and sludgy. The vocals remind of Acid Witch and will be really the only impediment to some people enjoying this, but they fit the music so well and hey, I like this kind of guttural grunting. The vocals don’t dress up the music and don’t make it any prettier. There is a gothic feel here, but not of romantic castles and dark passages, but instead of crumbling castles and rotting, fetid dungeons. The singing perfectly complements these stories of darkness and despair. But never fear, this is not dreary or depressing. These guys carry everything off with a sense of humor. Think Svengoolie, only they throw chopped off heads at him instead of rubber chickens, and you’ll get the idea.

Highly recommended for fans of Cathedral, Celtic Frost, King Diamond and Pentagram. This one floats easily in 70’s swagger metal but sounds modern and vibrant. Dark tones and dark tales for dark times.

Available on Bandcamp.

Three out of Four Buckets of Blood


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