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RED LINE: Fast Reads. Insane Content.

Updated: Feb 21, 2020

Since publishing the first D.O.A. anthology in 2011, Blood Bound Books has gained a reputation for extreme horror. But the truth is, we publish all forms of dark fiction including sci-fi, mystery, dark fantasy, and other sub-genres that don’t necessarily have an element of “extreme” horror.

To better support our diverse authors and readers, we have created the imprint RED LINE, which will push the boundaries of extreme content and be dedicated mostly to novellas and short story collections. This new label will help showcase our over-the-top content and allow fans to quickly navigate towards, or away from, extra naughty material.

Our first Red Line release will be Toxic Love by Kristopher Triana! We have also confirmed publications from KJ Moore! Follow us on Facebook and Twitter for more updates!

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