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Two Readings from NIGHT TERRORS II

Night Terrors II was published in 2012 and features 28 tales of dark fiction. I choose to read these stories because, despite being horror, I think they have an element of hope to them. At a time like this we could all use a little light at the end of a dark story.

Desmond Warzel has appeared in three of our anthologies and never fails to deliver something chilling and original. Habemus papam means 'We have a pope’ and is the announcement traditionally given upon the election of a new pope of the Catholic Church.

You can find more of Warzel’s work on his website and Amazon page

“Untouchable” is Amanda C. Davis’s only story with Blood Bound Books, but it’s a winner that has stood the test of time.

You can contact Amanda on her website or Twitter, and explore more of here stories on Amazon

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