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Women in Horror...My 2019 Predictions

Updated: Feb 12, 2019

Women in Horror, huh? I love reading everyone’s opinion on if a month to promote women is necessary or if women-only anthologies are needed, or if the whole discussion causes more harm than good. Unfortunately, this blog has nothing to do with any of those topics. If you enjoy bashing one viewpoint over the other, you might as well stop reading now. However, if you are actually interested in learning about two great women in horror, then you’ve come to the right place.

While I think that there are countless women who will succeed in 2019, I would like to direct a spotlight at KJ Moore and Nikki Noir. When it’s comes to extreme and erotic horror, it is my prediction that these two women are going to crush it in 2019. I will go so far as to bet money that by 2020, they are both going to be household names…well, as long as the household support blood, guts, and powerful stories.

Now before you lay down money against my prediction, I should spill the beans that I’m not a gambler. Whenever I make a bet, I’ve got insider information. It just so happens I have had the unique pleasure of reading manuscripts by both women, and I can assure you that when their next books release, they will be as gory, subversive, and sexy as anything you've read from the best male horror writers.

These women are not for weak-stomached readers or those with an aversion to graphic sex. KJ Moore has a PhD, she is not a stupid woman cranking out torture porn for horny, angst-ridden boys. Her short story collection #Horrible will make you cringe as much as it will make you think. It will force you to face a reality that most of us would much rather close our eyes to. Each story comes with its own unique trigger warning. Take heed. Even if you’ve read extreme horror before, you ain’t seen nothing yet. KJ Moore is use to hate mail, and I’ve gotten better things to do than argue about why we do or don't publish something, so if you are angry about being offended, be aware that your complaints will fall on deaf ears.

While Nikki Noir may not be as extreme and controversial as KJ, her erotic horror is just as hot, graphic, and uncomfortable as anything from Kristopher Triana or Wrath James White—I’ve worked with both, so that’s saying something. Her novella Black Siren starts as a standard erotic thriller, but after reading her plot outlines, I assure you, the story will take some darkly disturbing and bizarre twists. She’s also trying something new with her writing, something interactive. I saw a post yesterday about getting readers involved in a “choose your own adventure” scenario while she is writing the final manuscript. If you want to participate, here’s her blog with the details.

Now you know my picks, but who are your favorite women in horror? Past, present, or upcoming names to watch,? Whoever they are, please share the love by dropping their names, books, and links in the comments. I promise to check out your suggestions. This way, I can enjoy female authors all year round, not just in February.

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