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Color Me Bad

After many years of obstacles, Blood Bound Books has finally unleashed our first coloring book on the world! We teamed up renowned pulp artist CorlenScope and extreme horror author Kristopher Triana, and together they created BODY ART: The Coloring Book. Just like the old coloring books we grew up with in the 80s—which were based off movies mostly—the coloring book retells the novel using only the most pivotal scenes, and in our case, the most graphic ones too.

Creating a coloring book has been a Blood Bound dream for about three or four years. Although our main focus is always fiction books, we love bringing in other creative mediums and branching out into numerous markets within the world of horror. Our original coloring book idea, before Body Art, had nothing to do with a novel. Can’t spill the beans on that yet since we still hope it will come to fruition, but the first two artists we contacted kept missing deadlines and eventually they both fell through. After a year of setbacks, the concept was tabled and its fate left unknown.

At Phoenix Fan fusion 2018, Kristopher Triana was at our table signing his newest release, Shepherd of the Black Sheep, and the coloring book idea that we’d kept on the back-burner was brought up again…this time with the Body Art twist.

With a new direction for the concept and adding Triana’s energy to ours, we renewed the search and, after many late nights on Google and querying artists, we found Corlen Kruger. A quick look over his portfolio gives you all you need to know. His style was a perfect match and we couldn’t be happier with the outcome.

With the success of this new venture, the Blood Bound Librarians are interested in revisiting our first coloring book idea, as well as expanding our line of greeting cards. If you’re a reliable artist, love horror, and want to grow your brand with ours, please PM our Facebook page.

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