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Open Submissions - Splatter Club

Updated: Dec 21, 2022

Welcome to The Splatter Club Vol. III is now open to submissions. This anthology is only open to members of the club. It's an anthology by the members to promote the members and the genre of extreme and bizarro fiction. That means any member is eligible to be published by us whether it's their first short story or they're a seasoned professional.

Not a member? It's free: Join The Splatter Club here


  • Word Doc or Docx with email address and approximate word count

  • 500 - 5K words (we won't throw out a submission over 5k, but we cap payment at that limit)

  • Bizarro, extreme, splatter, erotica - you know what the club publishes

  • Payment: 1 cent per word

  • No previously published stories - any format - this includes Godless and even your blog or a newsletter

  • You may submit up to two (2) stories - use separate Google submissions for each

  • If you are accepted, we hope you'll provide a short reading like these authors:

  • Submission period June 1st - Until Filled (Response time is currently 2 months from submission).

  • If you haven't read the club's anthologies yet, you may want to do that here

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