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Would you like to have a vote in shaping the future of extreme horror and bizarro fiction?

Updated: Aug 15, 2020

Be a part of The Splatter Club reading team and help us select what gets published. The Splatter Club will be opening to short & long fiction as well as novellas—and we’ll be open year round. It’s important to make the club a resource for everyone in the horror community, and having a perpetual submission opportunity for authors at all levels of their career is crucial to that.

We will focus on short to long fiction and novellas. Manuscripts of these word-count lengths are great for readers but are sometimes difficult for authors to find a publisher for. More about the submission process which opens August 1st will be released soon.

To ensure that the stories published by the club, reflect the true interests of the horror community, we are opening up the submission reading and selection team to all interested group members.  We’ll rotate team members every quarter. This process will guarantee that stories are selected by passionate group members with unique perspectives as readers and not just the same two club editors over and over.

Before we can set the rotation schedule, we need to know how many members have interest in joining us. Please fill out the google form and we will contact you within a week to discuss a schedule. Note, you must be a Splatter Club member to participate. Join here!

If you have questions, please use the 'contact us' form. Subject: Splatter Club Reader.

Thanks and we look forward to reading with you!


And if you're a writer, you can submit stories here

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